To take away

Delicious meals to take on the road

Your gourmet break to go!

As well as being able to enjoy our delicious dishes prepared on the spot with local products, you now have the possibility of taking your snack with you.

We have set up this possibility for our customers who are sometimes in a hurry to get back on the road or who simply want to enjoy a good meal, far from the triangular sandwiches.

Enjoy a varied menu, even for our takeaway! We take care to offer our customers balanced, rich dishes cooked on the spot.

Ask for the takeaway menu

You don’t have time to sit down, you want to get on your way and arrive at your destination as quickly as possible? Don’t skimp on the quality of your meal, and choose a rich, balanced snack prepared by a real chef.

Discover our take-away menu and choose from our various dishes. The menu is of course subject to change according to the season.

For more information on our menu or on our establishment, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail using our contact form!

Our takeaway food and drinks

Appetizers at home

Tapas for 2 9.00€
Tapas for 5 16.00€

The “Pomport” formula (4 people)

Le Fagé 75cl (Bergerac red wine) and it’s tapas


The ” Cyrano ” formula (4 people)

Château Le Tiregrand . Pécharmant wine and its tapas   38.00 €


The ” Basilius ” formula (4 people)

Château Ladesvignes . Montbazillac wine and its tapas     38.00€


Small starters

Assortment of cold meats 7.00€
Starters of the day 4.00€
Hot Camembert cheese 8.00€
Warm goat cheese and honey salad 8.00€
Foie gras and its toasts 14.00€

Our dishes

Dishes of the day 8.00€
Parmentier of duck 10.00€
Confit of duck and garnish 12.00€
Duck breast with garnish 15.00€


Fries+ 1 Dessert + 1 Drink

Le Tam (Beef150g) 14.00€
Le Tam Tam (Beef300g) 16.50€
CHicken curry 14.00€
Périgourdin with morel sauce (duck aiguillettes) 16.00€
Perigourdin with pepper sauce 16.00€


Our red wines

Pécharmant AOP 24.00€
Bergerac Chateau le Fagé 14.00€
Our Marmandais Le Quezaco 13.00€

Our white wines

Bergerac Chateau le Fagé 14.00€
Monbazillac Chateau Ladesvignes 21.00€

Our non-alcoholic drinks

Coca, Orangina, Ice Tea, Perrier, Fanta, Red Bull 2.50€

Our beers

Kronembourg 2.00€
1664, Leffe 2.50€
La Gratusse, artisanal and organic 3.50€