A family bar in Campsegret

Your roadside bar near Périgueux invites you to discover its various drinks. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the drinks will be served with a smile.

Your team welcomes you to Les Tamaris and invites you to spend a moment of relaxation.

Your restaurant-bar is known for its good French cuisine, so don’t hesitate to accompany your drink with a good grill or fish from the restaurant.

A varied menu for your drinks

Your restaurant-bar near Bergerac offers a varied drinks menu. If you are a wine lover, you will have at your disposal white, red and rosé wine from local vineyards. An excellent selection of different wines.

Do you like beer? Do you have a preference for cocktails? Are you a whisky fan? Les Tamaris serves you a variety of drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

Come with your friends or family and enjoy the bar and restaurant. If you feel that you are not able to drive, you can rent the hotel rooms. Safety first!

Drink moderately, alcohol abuse is dangerous !

Do you have any questions? Want to know more about the bar? Would you like to enjoy the Tamaris selection? Contact your local bar (24) for further information.